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Our Main Business Services

Orange Realty Corporation is a full service commercial real estate brokerage that will assist you in addressing your real estate and business needs ranging from finding you a new location to disposing of your business.


If you are currently leasing you might want to review your current lease and see what options you have going forward. ORC leasing services include tenant and landlord representation. Of course, our strategy will be dictated by whom we represent, but our goal is to always secure an equitable agreement for both parties. Remember, you will be working with the other party to the transaction for the next 3 to 10 years.

Perhaps owning better fits your real estate requirements. If you are not certain about ownership, we will help determine whether or not it is your best option, by way of lease/own analysis. If it is determined to be the best option, then we can proceed to locate the best fit, given your parameters and what we identify as potentially suitable.

Perhaps you have an asset that no longer fits your requirements and are interested in disposition. ORC will ensure that you are apprised of the current market conditions and the requirements for disposition of your property. A thorough marketing plan and diligent execution will be proposed. Driving a timely sale and maximal proceeds in light of market conditions.

Many investors are returning to the commercial real estate market. Let's review your goals and determine whether there is a product that might meet your expectations. If it is not currently on the market, lets examine the possibility that it may become available under reasonable terms.

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We understand that you want Options

Let one of our professionals help determine what some of the options that you might have available given your situation. Hopefully it will make decisions easier when they will have to be made. Please let us know about your situation in as much detail as you are comfortable revealing in an email.