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Who we are

We are conveniently located in Toronto and have been licensed for over 5 years. We are happy to work with you to arrange a Commercial, Business, Residential, or property managment assignment. We are trying to develop the small to medium commercial opportunities from $500,000 to $15,000,000. We have had deversified experience and are comfortable with various types of assignments.

Orange Realty Corporation is a client-focused commercial real estate company founded on the strength of solid business relationships. Where there is value in simply providing the available alternatives, there is greater value in understanding the business of the client and the goals of the client going forward. It is this insight that leads to an informed recommendation of real estate solutions specific to the client's needs. Our service rates are competive in the market and we will try our best to give you a response as soon as possible. Please submit an email outlining your situation and what you are hoping to accomplish. If we think we are able to help then we would like to have you book an appointement and come in for a private and confidential meeting.


Our history


Founded west of the city by our current broker of record Leo Coholic.


Moved operations to Toronto to be more centrally located to service the Greater Toronto Area Commercial Market.


Launching an agressive expansion plan well into 2014.

The best of professionals


Discretion and confidentialy assured.


We endeavor to be knowledgable about products in the market.

Best Fit

When finding an solutions we will look for the one that best fits your requirement.

Timely Response

Send us and email detailing where you are at and what you are hoping to achieve.