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What are the reasons that have resulted in your need for change in your real estate situation. Do these considerations require immediate action? Mid term action? Part of a longer term strategy? How do they fit with your current cashflows? Medium to Long Term projections? Overall economic trend?.

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Once you have informed us of your situation and we have met and found that we are a good fit, we will endavor to outline some of the options you may have. We will continue listening, researching and working for you, but ultimately you will be in control of the decision making process.

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Once you have decided on a course of action, then we will do our part to make sure that things flow as smoothly as possible to bring your decsion to fruition

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Welcome to Orange Realty Corporation Brokerage!

Orange is the colour of ambition, let us help you realize your ambitions.

We all have plans and ambitions in life. In real estate it can be difficult to have a fuller view of what is going on in market in order to be able to plan and realize ambitions. This is where the help of a real estate professional becomes advantageous. Hopefully they will have market knowledge and negotiation savvy in order to assist your realizing your plans and ambitions. We are continuosly improving the quality and breadth of our market knowledge as well as our negotiation skills. We are continuously recruiting to make sure that we get the best of professionals on our team and eventually your team.

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Our hope isto extendthe prosperityof our clients!

We offer complete discretion and confidentiality. Please feel comfortable enough to contact us with the details of your current real estate situation and what it is that you hope to acheive over the short and longer term. We will be happy to meet with you to determine whether we are a good fit.

Our Interests

Orange Realty Corporation Brokerage is proud to announce the newest addition to our roster: Gary Zazulak.

Gary comes to the table with over 20 years of real estate experience, and a keen sense of customer satisfaction. Gary is a member of TREB's commercial council and has expertise in both commercial and residential transactions.

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Are you a licensed realtor looking to work for a progessive brokerage? Why don't you tell us about yourself in full confidence?

We are actively trying to grow our team and offer very generous remuneration packages.


Orange Realty is developing a new streamlined transactional process.

Together with our consultants we are developing a transactional process that will ensure efficiencies in the consumer and agent experience. With this type of service we will be able to have a very scalable and consistent consumer experiece!

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Work with professionals!

Orange Realty aspires to improve the professionalism of our team both by way of organic and accretive growth: we will hire and train to get to a higher level of professionalism

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Interested in where the market is heading?

So are we. Let us know what areas of the market are of interest to you.

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Interested in buying real estate? How about Selling?

We are continously adding short seminars on various topics related to real estate and business. Let us know what you are interested in learning about and we will tell you when our next seminar is avaiable on the topic

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