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Is Orange a Good Fit for You?

What are you looking for in a Brokerage? Perhaps you have been around long enough to know exactly what you want. Or conversely, you may have just begun your search and are talking to many brokerages and are not sure on whether what they have to offer will work for you. At Orange Realty we are trying to address the needs of those realtors that are trying to streamline their overhead and yet not have the quality of service suffer. We can only achieve that if their is a good correspondence between our offering and your expectation. For example, if you are good at developing your own business and are technologically savvy, or willing to be, then we should schedule a meeting for an inteview. We are looking for agents that are good at time management, resourceful, outgoing and prepared to work on developing their business.

What we hope to offer in return is an efficient system, that will address the compliance and organizational needs of our salespeople and the Brokerage. We will leverage technology to achieve these goals, and will pass on the savings to our associates by way of a reduced fee structure. We have a variety of plans available based on commission splits and no monthly fees. We will take a chance on you and do not want to charge you a fee for trying, but we do expect you to produce and that will be in our contract. If you do not have a book of business but are willing to work on a team we also have remuneration packages that will definitely be of interest to you. Please feel free to call Leo Coholic Broker of Record at extension 6001 to set up an appointment to determine whether your ambitions in the industry align with ours. Conversely, you may also submit your resume in confidence.

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